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Meeting and Event Planner Services:


You know the in-house AV is expensive, but it’s so convenient! Who has the time to get multiple bids, sifting through page after page of proposals trying to compare apples to oranges until your eyes go blurry? You might not be ready for a full production company, but your audiovisual needs have grown over the years, and what used to be a simple side project you were asked to handle is now a full-blown annual event. Or maybe you’re a full-time planner who just wants to make sure you’re getting the right technology at the right price. Either way, we’re here for you.


We truly believe that an educated consumer is better for the industry as a whole. We seek as many opportunities as possible to educate meeting and event professionals, provide transparency in the industry, and help close the gap in their technical knowledge when it comes to audiovisual and event technology.  Owner Brandt Krueger has spoken in education sessions around the world, making technology easy to understand. Public, private, and online classes are available through the Event Leadership Institute, or by inquiring on this site. Reviews for previous speaking engagements are available here.


It's important to us that we be more than a "big picture" company. The excitement and thrill of live events is part of our DNA, so we continue to support the meetings and events industry by providing freelance technical services: Managing local AV crews, directing and calling show cues (some call it stage managing, some call it show calling), mobile app deployment and support, audience response management, and on-site content creation. Maybe it’s time to hire a Technical Producer to manage all aspects of your on-site event technology?


Whether it's an end-of-the week "happy face" video montage, or perhaps your presenters just need a little hand-holding as they clean up their PowerPoints, we can help. On site, we can manage and distribute presentations, making sure the right files are loaded on the right machines, and in the right order, for your breakouts. And wouldn't it be nice to not have to deal with "My PowerPoint doesn't work!" while you're busy trying to concentrate on your attendees, your sponsors, and your organization's upper management? We can take that off your plate so you can concentrate on what's important.


There's a reason it's in our name: we want to be your go-to source for all things technology. It's not about what's shiny and new. We help implement technology in ways that make the most sense for you, your attendees, and those demanding to see ROI. We start with the WHY of your event, not the WHAT, and back our way into the technology, rather than trying to fit a product into your event just because someone read about it in a magazine article. As our owner always says, "I'd rather see old technology used well, than new technology used just because it's new."

Technology and Audiovisual Provider Services:

Product implementation

Many event technology companies have realized that the most important word in Software as a Service (SaaS) is not the word software, but rather the word service. While there will always be planners that insist on doing as much themselves as humanly possible, there's more than a few out there that are perfectly willing to pay for the safety and security of having someone on site to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Twenty years of event production experience has taught us to stay cool in intense situations, working directly with the end client to ensure the best possible outcome on their events. 


It's painfully obvious when talking to the marketing and sales managers of some technology companies that while they may know a lot about sales and marketing, they clearly don't know anything about events. Likewise, small shops consisting of mainly software engineers seem to get bogged down in the minutia of how their platform works, rather than concentrating the wants and needs of the average corporate or independent planner. We speak planner. We speak technology. Let us be your translator, and help target your marketing and business strategy in ways that will actually appeal to the mulit-billion dollar event industry.